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Our Philosophy and Mission

Bethany Early Childhood Education Center believes in the importance of teaching the whole child in God’s world, rather than just the intellectual part of the child. The spiritual, emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and creative parts of the child are all equally important. If education ignores one or more of these selves, the whole child is not being educated.

Our mission is to Share the Love and Life of Jesus Christ with all through developing the spiritual, emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and creative parts of the child.

Bethany Early Childhood Education Center will provide an environment in which activities allow for the children to:

Grow Spiritually

To develop a sense of trust, realize their need for God’s love, know Jesus as their personal Savior, respond to God’s love, feel secure in God’s love and care, and see themselves as God’s creation.

Grow Emotionally

To develop a positive self-concept, be free to risk failure and be comfortable with mistakes, develop a sense of security and trust, show independence and responsibility, and direct emotions into appropriate and acceptable outlets.

Grow Socially

To learn to play, work, and communicate with peers and adults, adjust to group situations, accept others even though they may be different, develop a sense of community, and accept change in environment and routine.

Grow Physically

To develop gross and fine motor coordination, develop eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, and become aware of their own body.

Grow Intellectually

To continue to develop language use and understanding, develop pre-reading skills such as: visual discrimination, auditory discrimination, understanding of symbols of love and interest in books, develop an increasing attention span, complete tasks begun and initiate their own activities

Grow Creatively

To view themselves as unique, created, and valued by God, express ideas in their own unique way, be free to create artistically using a variety of media, and develop their God-given talents and abilities.